The Future

So today is iPad day, at the time of writing this I have no idea what is new about it… Well I know some bits, like it has a high resolution screen and has LTE (4G) which of course isn’t coming to the UK anytime soon, earliest we can expect LTE is early 2013.

Last year Steve Jobs made a quote that we are entering a “Post-PC” era when he unveiled the iPad 2. What that means is that we are less dependant on the traditional computer in order to achieve the tasks that back in the day would have required a traditional computer. So like listening to MP3s, surfing the web, even instant messaging in the past 12-15 years was only possible on a traditional computer. So majority of the news sites are taking this seriously, and saying that PCs are going to disappear and that these “Post-PC” devices are going take over. I guess Mr Jobs gets the last laugh, because it is unbelievable how many news corporations are taking this quite literally.
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Where to start?

So yesterday I end up writing a really long essay to a friend about what Microsoft’s initiative for Windows 8 is. A very close friend who goes by the name of AI (I’m pretty sure which person we’re talking about…. no? think bread, now you know) suggested that I too make a blog but about technology, because lets face the fact, most people want things to work rather than to understand how it works. Curiosity has been an amazing trait, which has lead me to understand a broad range of things to better help understand the potential in technology. So keep an eye on here for tips, tricks, tutorials and magic (not literally) that I do to expose to functionality of my devices.